iwanttv, iwant tv, iwanttv is mine! Bayantel at-hack!

Last month, I wrote an article about the newest discovery of Bayantel which is the iwant tv, iwanttv or whatever it is! And that keyword is mine! I owned it! But because I became busy with my academic life as an IT student, I forgot to update it so my spot on the big G became number 5 and that is not that good for me. So I am here to get that keyword and traffic back!

So here I am with a blog post iwant tv or iwanttv by bayantel at-hack! You can read at-hack as attack I just want to experiment with at-hack word.Haha!

So I will update you guys about iwant tv or iwanttv by bayantel. I just want to clarify myself because someone dropped a comment to my other blog and he said that he can access iwant tv|iwanttv! in davao. It is kinda odd because the connection of iwant tv|iwanttv in Valenzuela is so weak. Maybe the signal that you are getting still matters and your distance on the network provider.

Here is the list of the On-Demand shows on iwant tv|iwanttv!
Dahil May Isang Ikaw
Pinoy Big Brother
TV Patrol
The Buzz
Maalaala Mo Kaya
Bottomline with Boy Abunda
Sports Unlimited
Lifestyle Channel Shows (MetroWear Randy Ortiz 60s, MetroWear Gala, Metrowear FDCP 2008)

There you go, I hope I will get my keyword now. Iwant tv|iwanttv! at-hack!  Help me bayantel earn traffic. LOL

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