Free Nintendo DS Emulator

Nintendo DS Emulator is a program you run in your computer that allows you to use different application that is not intended for your computer
. For example, I want to play cooking mama (which is not compatible to my computer) using my computer, then I will now install a Nintendo DS Emulator in my computer for me to play cooking mama. So can you get a free nintendo DS emulator? You can download free nintendo DS emulator in NDSemulator com. This site is your source of working nintendo DS emulator. You cannot trust different sites offering you free nintendo DS emulator because a lot of them are just posting crappy information just to promote their site. So if you really want to download free nintendo DS emulator, go to NDSemulator now!

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  1. I have my own DS emu too. Ang sarap kaya magDS kaso wala akong DS kea sa PC nlng :D