Apple's Newest Creation: ipad, i-pad, and ipads

Apple revealed their newest creation which is the ipad. Some spelled it i-pad or ipads.

Apple ipad, i-pad, ipads Features
- 1.5 pounds
- 9.7-inch touchscreen IPS LCD display
- 1GHz Apple chip by the P.A. Semi team
- 10-hour battery life
- 16, 32, and 64GB sizes with a 30-pin Dock connector
- a microphone
- a speaker
- Bluetooth
- 802.11n WiFi
- accelerometer
- a compass

Apple ipad, i-pad, ipads Prices 
The prices of Apple ipad or Apple ipads depend on its feature, it depends on the memory, or additional feature like wi-fi.

iPad 16GB
$499 WiFi
$629 with 3G Technology

iPad 32GB
$599 WiFi
$729 with 3G Technology

iPad 64GB
$699 WiFi
$829 with 3G Technology

For the overview of ipad, i-pad, or ipads. You can watch it here: This video is from youtube. 

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