Mister Llama Wants To See Your Love

Do you love llamas? If yes, you can shout it to the world by posting your photo with a message to llamas. It is like a fan sign showing your love to them. If I liked your picture, I will display it here on my blog. Or if you have a blog, I will also post your links with your picture.

Let me know that you posted your photo by leaving a comment to this post. Make sure to put a link for me to see it.

You can also upload it in your facebook account then add me (Click the facebook button above). You can also try tweeting it via twitpic.

So what are you waiting for? Upload your photo now!

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  1. hhmm, sige, join ako jan! hehehe..

  2. uhhmm.. sige join ako jan.. :-)

  3. lahat ng blog na binibisita ko ay ayos sa akin..kasama na ang blog mo..

  4. over exposure naman ata yun, haha!