Farmville Cheat

This is the newest cheat on farmville. This should be done very carefully because once you did a wrong move, your money will not be saved so please read the directions VERY carefully.
  • Buy something and put it in your barn. You should first buy the cheapest thing to see if it is really working.
  • Click the barn then LOOK INSIDE. You will see the one that you bought. Now click USE.
  • Then the item will be on your cursor. Click the Gift Box> Storage.
  • You will see the item then click SELL > ACCEPT.
  • The item is still on your cursor. Repeat the procedure until you get tired and rich.

NOTE: Do not ever try putting the item on the ground! I did it once then my game restarted or became out of sync.

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  1. Good cheat for farmville.............but can you post some cheats for mafia wars........ I am a very big fan of mafia wars and I play it regularly......... :)

  2. wait i will try it... hahahahaha