Ninja Saga (Update)

Maybe you are confused because your level 336 ninja became level 1 again. The reason is the staff of the game restarted the characters of those users that has level 21 and above. For you to be able to play again. You need to go back to basic.

But here is a cheat for you to achieve a level 19 ninja.

You Need:
  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Browser (Mozilla or IE)

  • Go into Ninja Saga. (link above)
  • Select browser as process in ce5.5 (hex, 8bytes, asrom)
  • At the "Select Character" screen, scan "3B0008C25B5E0689"
  • 2 addresses found. Right click the BOTTOM address and "Toggle breakpoint"
  • Now in Ninja Saga, select your character and click "Play"
  • It will freeze due to the breakpoint you've set.
  • Click "Debug > Run (shortcut: f9)
  • Click "Debug > Run again.
  • At the Registries panel, you will see a red line "EAX xxxxxx"
  • Left click on it and it will ask you to insert the new address, so you paste "11A6C" into it
  • Now right click the address and click "Toggle breakpoint" again to remove the breakpoint.
  • Click "Debug > Run
  • Now go back to your Ninja Saga. It wil l reload and you will be level 19!


  1. dont work gets you banned

  2. Yep. Sorry Guys,This is not working anymore!

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