Arnel Pineda Named as a Band Wrecker by Yahoo News!

Yahoo! News punlished another insensitive news about these poor people who just want to be famous. One of these people is none other than Arnel Pineda who was just named as a "Band Wrecker".

According to Yahoo! News Philippines,
Band-wreckers are the worst kind of singers. They are those dudes who take advantage of an unstable group relationship and insert themselves in the middle. They break into a band and destroy their happy home.
This article they just written about Arnel and 4 other band singers is really insulting and degrading. Will be really hurt if I was one of those guys.

Along with Arnel Pineda, next in lines that were named as band wrekers are the following:  Queen with Paul Rodgers, Van Halen with Sammy Hagar, INXS with JD Fortune, The Doors with Ian Astbury

So what do you think? Is Arnel Pineda really a band wrecker?

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