Buy Edible Underwear in Philippines

I am so curious about this thing called edible underwear mostly for women. A friend of mine mentioned that she have an edible underwear at home and she ordered it from the US. I haven't seen such thing being sold here in Manila that is why I was shocked after hearing this. I wonder who discovered or invented this naughty underwear and how would you eat it? *LoL* I can't really imagine myself eating an underwear! Ha!ha!

I searched online on where to buy edible underwear but for no good reason, I failed. A lot of people are searching the same thing but most of them bought the item in the US. I saw someone in a forum site who sells edible underwear but he/she did not leave any contact address.

I just want to share this photo. Click the image to enlarge.
image from weirdworm

If you know any store that sells this kind of underwear, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. If you are a seller, leave your contact number below.

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