Watch crush videos online for free

I saw news about crush videos online and it broke my heart knowing that there are heartless people wanting this kind of video. Heartless, sick and disgusting people! Crush videos are the videos about killing an animal by crushing them or pulling their body parts until became mutilated or disembodied. Most of the clients are from other countries and they are paying money for the people who are going to make a crush video for them. They will also gonna pick the animal they want to see whether it is a mice, snake, rabbit etc. The bigger the animal is the higher amount of money they will get. It is sad to say that there are Filipinos who are willing to do this for a living. Crush video is also called "crush fetish".
This blog post is not about a page full of crush videos that you can watch online for free. This will be a message that karma is in the air and you will never get away from this!


  1. This is disgusting. The sick people who watch / make / fund this kind of evil video are all as guilty and need to be brought to justice.

  2. I hope they stop doing this kind of videos this videos make's me sad i love animals there innocent animals why do you people need to hurt them. if your that animal whos being tortured like that what will u feel

  3. I feel ashamed. I'm a Filipino and I'm disgusted of this news. I can't even kill a small mouse and now I hear about this news.

    But I've read in a blog of a student who stepped on a cat and he blogged about it, he was sent to do community service. Why shouldn't those people doing so pay for it as well?