A Tribute to Harry Potter

Harry Potter contributed a lot of things to me since I was in Elementary. I really like the story especially their magic spells and I remember myself chanting all of the spells when I was a kid. 
Harry Potter has seven sequels such as Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of fire, Order of the phoenix, The half-blood-prince, and Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. Frankly, I am not watching the last part of the movie since it was divided into two. I guess the part 2 of the last part will be on July. I am gonna watch it after the last part so the flow of the story will just go on. I hate suspense.

I am also planning to watch the Sorcerer's Stone because I think I forgot the story of the other sequels. Just want to refresh my mind before watching the Deathly-hallows.

A lot of avid fans are buying stuffs regarding HP like books, DVD's, and other collectibles like playing cards. But as a tribute, I like to have a Harry Potter box set that contains goodies from Hogwarts.

I hope that HP story will last forever but I guess that's impossible. Deathly-hallows is the last installment of the adventure of the story and it's gonna end. So grab every Harry Potter goodies that you see so the memory will last forever.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? What are the HP stuffs that you have right now? Mind sharing it with us?

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