Oyo and Kristine Hermosa wedding pictures

The wedding of Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa was over but a lot of people are asking for their wedding pictures. My answer is yes, I do have some of their wedding photos and I got them from different websites. I just compiled all of them so I can post it here on Llama's Journal.

Based on entertainment news, Kristine Hermosa was so beautiful during her wedding. Knowing the fact that she has one of the beautiful faces in entertainment industry nowadays.

Here is the compilation of Oyo Sotto-Kristine Hermosa Wedding Pictures
Kristine Hermosa wearing her gown
Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto with photo bomber at the back :)
Oyo and Kristine with relatives and friends
If you have the copy of Oyo-Kristine wedding photos, you can hit the comment box or contact me.


  1. galing mo talaga mg research..hehehehe

  2. When are they going to show it on tv? is it channel 2 or 5?

  3. In the wedding more the things which are concentrated are the pictures and hence we can have lot of photographs in the marriage. And all the dresses are superb.