My Ideal Job

Having a good and stable job is the dream of all of us. That is the reason why we are studying hard and trying to improve ourselves despite the fact that it is not that easy. If you really want to have a good and stable job, you must be willing to do everything; when I say everything, it means EVERYTHING!
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Yes, I am earning money from blogging but they are not enough for me to live because online jobs are not stable. I am really glad that I can make money out of my blogs and who would have thought that there is really real money on the internet? No, I am not kidding. In fact, there are people that I know who quit their day jobs just to be a stay at home mom and at the same time, they are earning dollars while baby-sitting or chilling at home.

I know that I can also do that now. But I need to stop studying which is not possible. What I want now is to finish college and have a job that is related to the field that I am in right now. I want to have a day job and receive company checks

Today, you can also receive checks from the internet. As much as possible, I want to experience the feeling of working in a company and interacting with your co-workers. If that doesn't work, then I would work online forever. :)

What about you? What is your ideal job? Do you want to work at home or you also want to experience the feeling of working in a big company along with strangers who will become your friends in the end?

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