Daniel Matsunaga Kissed a Girl in an Elevator Scandal

I saw a video from youtube that has a title "Daniel Kissing a Girl in Elevator (CCTV Video) – Daniel Matsunaga Scandal". The video was taken by the CCTV camera inside an elevator when a girl entered in and the accused Daniel Matsunaga followed her. The said Daniel Matsunaga scandal is not that scandalous. He just kissed the girl for like 5 seconds then it's over. Nothing happened next.
The things is Daniel Matsunaga is currently dating Heart Evangelista so why would he kissed another girl? The video is posted beneath this blog post so scroll it down.

The video of Daniel Matsunaga kissing another girl inside an elevator-- video from youtube

So what do you think? What is your verdict about the guy in the video? Was it really Daniel Matsunaga or the CCTV caught another guy?


  1. i think hear e, twitted about it na it was for a TVC :)

  2. hindi totoo toh! commercial lang toh! di ako makakapayag na niloloko nya c heart!

    Quoted from Heart's Tweet when the issue was raised:

    "dont worry guys...if you saw it..somethings cooking:)"

    *gf na nya si heart :) hehe

    fan eh noh :P hahaha

  3. Is he the real Matsunaga?
    2 issues, cheating and privacy. Hehe. Why is that CCTV exposed to the publick anyway? Hmmm.

  4. Did they even really kiss each other or did he just whisper something in her ear ;) ?