Time is Gold

Time is indeed gold. We should do the things that we can do today. No ifs, no buts because life is too short and we have to be productive everyday.
Just an emotional but meaningful introduction I guess because I can't find a hot topic for my entertainment blog so I will just write my ideal gift this holiday season. I want to have a watch. I do have one or two of them but the other one is now my grandfather's property. He claimed that it was his watch. While the second one is still with me but it is not working. I think it is out of battery or it has water in it. 

I wish someone will give me a watch as a Christmas gift this coming holiday but my mom is not aware that I want a watch right now. Because she knew that I am not interested with watches. But hey! I want one. Although I always have my mobile phone with me that has a clock on it, I still want a watch on my wrist so I can easily notice the time without looking at my phone. 

I saw a watch while I am in a jeepney and it was so cool. It is not a howard miller clock. Too bad I am not familiar with the brand but it was awesome and fashionable at the same time. It is kind of rectangular but not that big. I want that! So if you want to give me a watch, then you are very free to do so. I would be so happy. *wink*

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