Camping Anyone?

Camping is one of my wishes as of now and I want to have a camping with my college friends for some bonding time and have a good time. Me and my friends had a summer trip before but instead of going to the mountain, we just went to a hot spring resort. We all had a good time and it was really fun.
Good Camping Site

I think I am fed up with this kind of set-up and I want something new. I am fed up with beach resorts, pools, and the like. I think I want to have a mountain hiking with them and spend the night there. Have some bonfire and have a good time for the rest of the night. I am also aware that hiking in the forest is kind of delicate because of wild animals out there but I guess we can survive as long as we have the proper tools and kits.

I am also planning to have a simple bonding time with them in a caravan site. We would just set-up a tent and light up a bonfire with matching hot-dogs and marshmallows. I am sure it will satisfy us all for the entire night. The experience won't be complete without some booze. Teenagers will be teenagers. *LoL*

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