Globe UFBT Hack 2010

Are you curious about this alien term? Maybe you are asking what is UFBT? Well I will answer it one by one. UFBT is a short term for Unlimited Free Browsing Technique. This can be done by editing or tweaking your mobile phone's internet setting to avail this kind of enjoyable service. Is it legal? For hackers yes! But for the management, NO! It is like you are buying a pirated CD or DVD. But sometimes, doing bad things are good. 

I have updated my blog post about Smart UFBT Hack for 2010 and you see it by clicking the lnik provided. But I think globe is the easiest to tweak or hack.

While waiting for a response of a wapmaster to tell us something about the step by step procedure on how to have a UFBT in globe, why don't you edit your globe's APN settings first?

Globe Telecom APN Settings (Philippines)

Name: myGlobe Internet
APN: or or
port: 8080
APN type: internet

If you know the working procedure, please share it with us. No spamming guys! We need quality tips and tricks for globe UFBT.


  1. logged in my account then BOOM! saw ur post and as soon as I saw HACK, clicked it at once! XD hahaha!

  2. HAHA! Thanks Nash! :) Hack enthusiast? :p