A Webhost~For Bloggers Who Leveled-Up

Until now, I am still thinking of having a web hosting service for my blogs. Because I think I deserve this and I really need to have this. I have been blogging for like 10 months now and I think it is about time. I leveled-up, and that is for sure. But there are doubts and fears within me because I don't have any idea is setting up or in choosing a better web hosting services. There are a lot of them and I can't choose. I have seen a lot of bloggers with their self-hosted blogs that totally messed up everything like the loading speed of their blogs.

I am looking for a service with a managed hosting like the one in blogspot. They will manage your files like images, videos, and audios. All you have to do is do your work online and they will compile everything for you. It would be not cheap as you think but it is pretty much worthy and less hassle.

If you already have your web hosting service but you are not satisfied with its performance, then maybe it is time for you to have another web hosting site that offers a colocation. It is a transfer of files from one web host to another. If you want, you can visit  superb dot net because they offer this kind of service.
What do you think? Do I need to have my Web Host? If yes, Where?

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