Shoes for Jock

I am so glad that my Physical Education classes were over. I took 4 of them and I did not appreciate it. Just so you know, I ain't a sporty person and I don't want to be. But I still want to have a well built body by means of going to the gym and have some work out there. Playing any sports is not my option.

I am planning to go to the gym when I already have a very good class schedule. This will happen when I don't have any programming subjects (I have Advance Java now). Maybe I will buy some gym outfit before I go to the gym and have some work out atleast twice a week right? When it comes to shoes, a Jordan Shoes would be so awesome! 
(image courtesy by sneakerfiles)
Although this kind of shoes are bigger than the other shoes out there and I guess you cannot wear it  with your jeans or tux err. If you want to buy one, you can simply look for Air Jordan. I know the sales person knows that already. If it doesn't work, try looking for Air Jordans, with the letter 's' of course. :)

This shoes have a symbol of air force 1 (air force ones) with a man holding a ball with a curve around him.

If this blog post persuaded you to go to the gym, Air Jordan Shoes is the perfect shoes for you!

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