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Llama's Journal will be turning 1 this coming November and I have a gift for this blog. A Niche. Yes! Having a blog niche is too hard to attain because you can't focus on something and make sure that you attract a lot of visitors from that niche.
This blog is now an Entertainment blog. If you noticed the tabs on my header above, you can see that I have partitioned it into 10 parts; Entertainment, Celebrities, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Products, Internet, Blogging, Personal and Manga. These will be that topics of my blog from now on.

Thanks to thesis theme for bloggers for giving me a lot of opportunity to modify my blog. I am planning to apply the same template on DeejSpeaks but I am having second thoughts because it took me 1 day to modify the whole theme.

I am getting worried on the sites that is paying for reviews because the newly found niche might interfere with the opportunities. 

I have to insert this line btw: The module apologizes in a climate.

So what do you think co-bloggers? Did I do something good or is it bad to have a niche? 
Comments? Suggestions?

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