Kris Aquino Leaves Pilipinas Win na Win!

Kris Aquino become a part of the newest noon time show "Pilipinas Win na Win!". This show replaced Wowowee. But I am not sure if this show appeals to the society but I am hearing a lot of bad comments about it. Some people said that it is the right time for the show to come to its end.

Kris Aquino said that her last day in Pilipinas Win na Win is on Friday, October 1, 2010. She said that there is something to prioritize and she had a great and fun time doing the show. "It's time to go", Kris said.

What is new? What will happen to Pilipinas win na win? Well, Kris Aquino will be replaced by the New Hosts of Pilipinas win na win who are; Rico J. Puno, Rey Valera, Marco Sison and Nonoy Zuñiga.

I am hoping that this will last til next year. But this is getting lamer.


  1. I AGREE!win na win is not a win-win show.

  2. just think that ABS should just make Showtime longer and make
    more games to help our kababayans. make it their official noon time show. not sure what else they can do para matapatan ang eat bulaga. ABS is just struggling and getting worse on coming up with a good noon
    time show... they're drowning on this area.