I can't go to Casino!

I want to go to casino someday. When I have a job, car, and lots of money so I can try my luck their. There are only few casinos here in Manila and some of them are really not that popular. Maybe a lot of people can't afford to play any game. They don't afford to lose anyway.

(photo credit: virtualbingo)
But if you really want to experience the thrill of playing casino games but you don't have time to go there, why don't you try you luck on online casino? These sites can give you the feeling of going to casino virtually. The best this is you are safe from any goons out there and you can play your favorite casino game while sipping a hot cup of coffee in front of your computer.

I will personally play the roulette game online because I don;t know how to play with the cards or whatever. Roulette is a game of pure luck. When the price is really for you, then you will get it with just a little effort. 

What is your verdict? Are you willing to play casino online?


  1. have not tried it ever as well...

    hey friend, it's been ages. how're u/ wondering where my links went. you're still linked in my blogs...will delete?

    pls visit and see real soon
    life round meNyou

  2. You should try your luck and play the real thing. For as little as 1000 php you can play most of the games, be it cards or slots.I have seen people from different walks of life playing there from Cab Drivers(TAXI DRAYBER),spoiled brats(anak mayamang nagpapalipas ng oras at walang magawa sa salapi), regular employees(Class B,C,D Employess) and group of C+ gamblers(The Regulars)whom I think made their living out of it how sad.
    I even spotted one prominent government official(lol)while i was on the roll.

    "para ba akong familiar sa iyo"?
    Fellow blogger here...=)

  3. Thanks for the comment mr. anonymous! Too bad you did not leave your blog's URL. =)

  4. Hahaha, you really dream to go to casinos huh? In fact, you are right, online casinos let us experience the real casino gaming experience in the most accessible way via Internet. We don't have to travel far destinations, rather we could play even in our own home or offices.