Adgitize Welcomes

I have been an advertiser and publisher in Adgitize since May I guess and this blog, Llama's Journal  improved a lot! I gained daily readers and Alexa Rank as well. I also learned a lot from the awesome blogs that I am seeing within the network and they all inspired me to continue in blogging.

I also earned $38.94. I am expecting my third payment from them this coming September 10. I am proud to announce that I advertised my another blog, DeejSpeaks on Adgitize. This is the current status of my blog:

Total Pageviews: 2199
PR: 0
Alexa Rank: 1,909,869

I will be updating you guys regarding the status of DeejSpeaks at the end of the month and let us see if Adgitize can normalize my newest personal blog. 

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