Pain Relief Medication

I am really sorry for being a not so active blogger these past few days because I am prioritizing my studies and fixing some problems inside the campus. Midterm exams was over but our professor wants to see us in pain and depressed.
They just gave us a huge amount of paper works and they want us to do a thesis and we will be having our defense at the end of the month. How was that? Plus they want us to have our 10 reference for that and internet is just a secondary data reference. That is really insane!

I can't blog that much because instead of typing my article, I am always researching for any information about our thesis. But my problem is my back because it is aching due to improper posture. I think I need a pain relief medications right now to ease the pain that I am feeling. 

Again, please accept my apology awesome bloggers! I will make it up to you this coming weekend.


  1. friend understand your reaction, it is difficult to work with the unbearable pain that gives you a migraine, but even more with low back pain, it is unfortunate that you have to do demanding physical disabilities, but at the moment is when we ask for government help to understand our problems and disadvantages in health care.

  2. It is true there are many drugs today that can help to alleviate the pain chronic but we must be careful with the kind of medicine that we, as there are many drugs that are addictive and which do change our metabolism and lead us to the addiction to pills.

  3. good friend, logically can take these drugs but need the respective consultation with the doctor, because severe pain can cause other serious injuries and require stronger drugs like vicodin, hydrocodone, lortab are medicines for chronic pain.