Paranormal Activity 2

I am not a fond of watching scary films like with the ghost on it because they are haunting me every time I sleep. I prefer watching bloody films with a psycho or a mad doctor in it killing the victims violently. That is so me. Last year, I decided to watch this film entitled Paranormal Activity (Yes, there is a ghost/demon in this movie). The shocking part is, I enjoyed watching it with my cousin.

Paranormal Activity is like a documentary film. The quality is not that good so do the effects but there is something unusual with the film that I can't explain. Some of the viewers found it boring and lame but for me, this one of the movie that kicked ass on 2009.

Now, I am happy to announce that there will be a part 2 of the movie. Paranormal Activity 2 will be showing in the US and some other part of Europe this coming October 2010. But I am not here in Manila Philippines. I think, they will delay it for a month so expect this movie on November 2010 or During Halloween. 

I have seen the trailer and it scared the hell out of me. For real. Well, I saw 2 new faces. The Dog and the Baby plus the possessed woman. I hope the sequel would be good. You can watch the Official Trailer of Paranormal Activity in HD below.


  1. hi I am always adgitizing and always came across your blog. You have good interesting blog post. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Thank you for appreciating the content of my blog mommy Jem! =)

  3. hnd ko type yang paranormal activity. corny. hehe.
    mas natakot pa ko sa pungsuy kesa jan. at spoiler dw ako. hehe. yaan mo na magaleng ka nman magsulat eh. hamo na. :p

  4. Haha! Sows talaga oh..=D Thanks for the visit!