Memory Full problem in N73

I have been using my N73 since last year. What I love with this mobile phone is the 3.2 megapixel camera and the quality of the sound. But the problem with this phone is its slow interface. It will take you 10 seconds before you can open your message in your inbox. DUH! Who wants to wait that long? But this is just a minor problem though and I can take it until...

My phone prompts: Memory Full. Delete other items.

WTF?! I have a 2GB memory card inserted in my phone and I only have 20 songs, 50 photos and zero messages in my inbox. So what the hell happened?

I have researched about this thing on the internet and found out that this is because of the main program of N73, the lifeblog. It is like a bug or something that will display this kind of message to the user until you cannot receive any messages, photos via infrared or Bluetooth. How can you fix this? I don't know. I just gave my phone to my Aunt hoping that she can repair it. If not, I think I need a new phone.

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  1. I think you have to download something to fix this. Anyway, thanks for the info sir.