Language Barrier No More

I am a member of this prestige and well known social networking site called facebook since last year and I currently have a lot of friends there. Some of them are my colleagues in school, some are just readers of my blogs and found my facebook profile link and decided that I am quite cool so they hit the "Add as a friend" button.

But the interesting thing about having local and international friends is the way you read their status. Some of them are mind boggling because they used different language or their native language like Spanish, French, and a lot more. Thank you internet for giving us a lot of resources on how to deal with this thing. I am always using a translation services. You can find it online for convenience. Instead of buying a book about the language they they used, why not search it online right? So the next time you encounter this instance, you can now understand and drop a comment with the same language.

But make sure to find for the most accurate website that gives you a professional translation services so you can be sure that you are reading and using the correct grammar. Because some of the language translation services out there will give you wrong translation of the words or sentences. It will just make you ridiculous. So choose wisely okay?

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