Who is the Idol who will host Wowowee?

I am not a fan of the noon time show wowowee but I have to blog this issue about the "idol" who will host wowowee this coming monday. We all know that Willie Revillame is not appearing in his show this past few days for a certain reason. If you don't know what I am talking about, you can read my blog post about Willie Revillame vs. Jobert Sucaldito and Willie Revillame's Reaction about this issue.

robin padilla wowowee host
Many people wants him to resign now including me and this is a good sign of his resignation or looooong leave. But the question is, Who is the ido who will host wowowee? I have read a blog post that this Idol will be Robin Padilla. Well, The Buzz confirmed it last Sunday. Let us just see if Robin Padilla can make it.

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  1. Bravo to ABS CBN you made the right choice no one is ever qualified to
    carry the torch og wowowee to even higher rating and greatness than
    robin padilla. idol robin is the epitome of what a gentleman is and a fine example of what humility means. this time, wowowee is it. hundred percent abs cbn will comeback to become no one in noontime entertainment. the real number one without having to rely on survey because the people approved of what abs cbn did this time. it is about time... conratualtion idol robin padilla.