I Removed my "YouSayToo" Widget

Last night, I decided to apply this blog on YouSaytoo because I thought that it will bring me more traffic or visitors to my blog and they say that I can also earn money using this site. So I followed the steps like applying my blog, putting snippets on my template, and having my blog advertised with them.

But today, I removed their widgets and snippets on this blog. Wanna know why?

1. I don't have my adsense account so there is no way for me to earn money from them.

2. They are removing all of the links on my blog post so the traffic will not revolve. IE I put a link on my other blog post so the readers will visit it but when I saw that blog post on YouSayToo, that link was not there anymore.

3. They are stealing my traffic. I posted a blog post about anime, when I checked my keyword on google, my original blog post was located at number 4 or 5 but the article from YouSayToo is on number 1. But they are not giving any credits for that. Just so unfair.

I am not saying that I am against YouSayToo. It is a good money making program but it is just now for me. If you have time, you can visit my other blog about Paid to click sites. Try to register to my Legitimate PTC sites here.


  1. Wow, they sound like some rotten folks! You absolutely did the right thing by removing & closing your account. Thank you so much for the warning!! When the Widgetbox Networks fold, it would be nice to have another one to join. I guess YouSayToo WON'T be the one!

  2. 1. What's stopping you from getting your own AdSense account?
    2. Each post has a link to the blog it's from I'm guessing you just missed it. How do you think I found your site?
    3. Stealing traffic? Improving your content positions I'd say. If your content is #1 instead of #4 it's a win if you ask me. And like I said they do credit blog authors you just didn't see it.

    I've been a member for some time now and I appreciate the quality of their services. My advice to you is register a Google AdSense account and try again. If not on YouSayToo then on your blog here. AdSense is much better than AdBrite.

  3. Great article. I recently joined yousaytoo, I earned 1 click with no impressions. What's with this. I will keep trying yousaytoo for now. It must get better.