Vice Ganda vs Tado issue in Showtime

I know this is just a late update about Vice Ganda vs Tado issue in Showtime last May 24,2010. Unfortunately, I did not able to watch that episode because I have a class so I just researched about what happened. Later, I will post a video regarding about this issue so you can watch it online.
I knew that this issue has something to do with the gay people because Tado said something that made Vice Ganda irritated and said "May problema ka ba sa mga bakla?" in english, "Do you have a problem with gay people?". Oh that was the only thing that I know.

If you will see the comments about this Vice Ganda vs Tado issue, a lot of people said that Vice ganda is like Willie Revillame. But I think that Vice Ganda is being rude because of the fame that he is getting right now. So here is the video about the said issue.

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  1. Fuck shit kna Vice Ganda. Masyado kna mayabang. Babagsak ka rin...