Quick Post: Essay and Bad Internet Connection

Heyy you guys! This is just a quick post for my adgitize points. I just want to update you guys on what is happening to me right now. Well, I was not able to click all of my PTC sites because I am here in my Aunt's house in Cavite City. The internet connection is terribly bad and it is taking me more than 1 hour to click 51 adgitize banners. Well that is not cool.

Another update would be the essay that I am planning to write tonight. Because my professor asked me a favor last Friday to write an essay about the 2010 election and the relationship of being an IT student regarding the automated election. the truth is I still have no idea on where to start this essay and I have no outline yet. FYI, I am the editor-in-chief of our school paper so i think this is a huge responsibility.

Okay, I will end my post here guys! Goodnight and Sweet Dreams everyone! Oh by the way, I am planning to create a new blog about product reviews so watch out for it guys! =)) 

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  1. hello...wow!! your an editor in chief huh!!! thats good!