Pinoy Big Brother| PBB Clash of 2010 Force Evictee Shey Bustamante

I just watched PBB Teen edition now and was shocked about the force eviction that Big Brother proclaimed. The nominees that the new house mate chose was not valid because Big Brother announced the new set of nominees because of the violation that they did this past few days.

The main reason of this Violation is all about Nomination Conspiracy. This kind of violation is talking about the nomination like who will they vote or tactics that they will do in nominating a housemate. These housemates were Joe, Patrick, Devon, Kyra, and Shey. The four of them were automatically received a force nomination except for shey. Because Shey did this violation a few times so Big brother had no choice but to force evict her tonight.

To save for your favorite housemate, you can vote for them. Voting is now open until next week. If you want to watch Pinoy Big Brother PBB Teen Clas of 2010 via live streaming online, you can click on the link.


  1. I am just a concern mom, can you please inform big brother to please have a sit down discussion on the behavior of tricia, of course, if only people have a 24/7 they will see exactly why tricia should be hurting now, almost all the teens are against her. Why?? Because i noticed that shey controlled the group and have probably thought of really holding on to the other teens' votes, it shows na talagang nag babait baitan ang shey, i dont think this showing of back stabbing is good for our young generation now, i am still watching them tricia is trying to explain and that she is trying to improve, (i dont know her but i am worried of the trauma) sample is when the apartmentteens will be joining the villa teens, tricia was asking shey that they be bedmates, well clearly shey dont want to share bed with tricia and she was discussing this with the oher teens when tricia left for a while and as if shey was really listening to tricia. I just wonder if big brother can really take notice of joe and the others teens, natatakot ako baka ang kala ng mga bagets eh ok lang mag yakapan at magharutan maski na di pa matagal na kakilala (morals please) i am sure that friendship can be established inside big brother house pero di naman dapat parang mga loose (sorry ha but medyo siguro nasa old school ako, but still mas maganda na iyong medyo proper ang mga kilos).

  2. Na add na kita.. thanks.. more power....

  3. hindi ko gusto ang big brother teen clash..mas maganda pa rin ang melason edition..hehe este double up edition