Naruto Manga 496

Hello Naruto Readers! I just want to update you guys about the latest chapter of Naruto Manga Series. This is Naruto Manga 496 which was launched this week so if you haven't yet read naruto manga 495, click on the link provided.

I think that this coming chapter will be good and exciting because the team will now prepare for the battle against their foes. And this battle will not that easy because the two team are strong and they have different techniques against each other.

After the release of 495, I am longing for the next chapter because this is really exciting! I thing Naruto Manga 496 spoilers and predictions will do.=) So if you have one please post it on the comment section so we can read it. =) Make sure that it is English subbed okay? Haha!

While waiting for the next chapter, you can browse my blog post about Naruto below. Keep coming back because I will update you guys ASAP!

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