What does Topeka Mean?

A lot of people are asking about this Topeka issue with Google. They said that Google changed its name to Topeka because when they opened the homepage of google, they did not see the letter G.O.O.G.L.E what they saw was T.O.P.E.K.A which is really odd.

The question now is, What does Topeka mean? What is Topeka? This is just a part of Google's prank this April Fools. Topeka is a town in Kansas and the mayor their proclaimed to the world that they are changing their town's name. From Topeka to Google so Google did the same just for fun. Awesome job Google! Oh I mean Topeka! LOL

There you go, you know what does Topeka mean. =)


  1. ahahahha--- funny naman ng google.. ;-)

  2. Google knows how to be humorous especially on April Fool's Day.