Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction, Nip Slip

After the incident of Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction and Nip Slip, this incident happened again to other ABS-CBN actress in Boracay. This is no other that Karylle, the daughter of Zsazsa Padilla. This Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction or Nip Slip when Karylle is performing a number with Yeng Constantino and Vina Morales on stage. 

The Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction photo or Karylle Nip Slip Picture became so viral on the internet so Karylle is very sad because of this. She said that some people are heartless on her twitter account and she will clear the issue on Sunday at the buzz.

I swear I didn't watch the video of Karylle Wardrobe malfunction or Karylle Nip Slip video. But I will never post a picture or video to give respect to Karylle just like what I did on Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction incident. 

What do you think with this wardrobe malfunction issue again? Hit the comment box! Totally free.

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