Forced Evicted Housemate in PBB Clash of 2010: Maichel Fideles

Maichel Fideles, the "Courageous Lakan of Samar" has been punished "Force Eviction" by Big Brother because of a lot of violations that he did. Not once! Not Twice! But a lot of times!

People saw him a slow guy since he went to the Big Brother house because he didn't got correctly his first ever task. Aside from that, Maichel Fideles slept inside the boy's bedroom which is strictly forbidden, he took showers even though it is not yet shower time, he used sign languages which is also forbidden.

Let us watch Pinoy Big Brother Clash of 2010 live streaming online and the force eviction of Maichel Fideles tonight. Another house mate will going out this coming Saturday. 

1 comment:

  1. Pff, Babaw ng reason. Malamang maninibago
    pa yon since a week pa lang siya andon.
    Nakakatamad na manuod ng Pbb. Thumbs down