Zipel e-Diary: Refrigerator with built-in internet

Yeah! You read the title right! A refrigerator with a built in internet. Cool right? Internet access in the kitchen. Our folks from Samsung Technology in Seoul Korea just launched their newest product. They called it the Zipel e-Diary: The refrigerator with a built in internet. I am sure your mom will love to have it!

Zipel e-diary has a built in internet because it can detect any wifi signals. It is a 10 inch fridge with a touch screen, allowing you to know the weather outside and to update you with the latest news on the internet. Another characteristic of this Zipel e-diary is that it can receive photos from your mobile phone and displays your favorite food recipe. Coolest alternative for magnetic notes. :)

Zipel e-diary: Refrigerator with built in internet, priced at 2.49 million (2,174 USD) and sells in domestic. Samsung is not yet sure on introducing Zipel e-diary locally.

I want to have this for my mom but this is too expensive and not yet available here in my country. Maybe I will buy this if I can find Cheap Zipel e-Diary online. haha! Maybe after a year or so. You can read this post for more awesome details: Refrigerator with built-in internet

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