Naruto Chapter 490 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

The Naruto Chapter 490 Raw Spoilers and Predictions is entitled The Mayhem Starts. It is written by the avid fan of Naruto Manga Series. If you haven't read the Naruto Chapter 489 Raw Spoilers and Predictions, please click the link.

Note: This is just a Prediction not yet official.

Shizune (on the bed with Tsunade): And that's all that happen when you were unconscious my lady..
Tsunade (with an Intense look on her face): Well, what the hell do you think you are doing then !!
This is no damn time for celebrations, and smiley faces, tell the Medical team to begin working on a drug that will close Sasuke's eyes off forever !!!!!
Shizune: (in thought) that didn't take long for her to get back to her old self haha
Shizune: yes my lady !!
Unknown Medical ninja: we should also tell the villagers that you are conscious.

Madara and Sasuke
Madara: I still don't understand, why you had a change of heart....
Sasuke: Done with that, all that matter is the Leaf's days are coming to an conclusion, (Sasuke with a god awful smile)
A winter is coming that it will never recover from..

(now fused again)
Zetsu: (lurking on the wall above, Madara & Sasuke, half way in a another dimension half way in the same dimension)
white Zetsu: (thinking) what the hell is Madara thinking just giving that nut, *Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan* Madara should know better, whats stopping Sasuke from betraying us like he did to his comrades ?? and now that he has that power I could be alive one minute and dead the next minute,
black Zetsu: i hate to agree with you but, this is the worst mistake Madara has made yet.. Look at that Psychopath's smile, after he destroys Konoha we are next. after all Madara helped in the massacre, look here is the plan after Sasuke's done fighting the Leaf we move in for the kill, he should be weaken enough..

White Zetsu: i was about to say the same thing. but do we tell Madara ??/
Black Zetsu: no its clear Madara's thoughts are clouded, hes falling for Sasuke because, he sees to much of himself. he wants Sasuke to defeat Naruto. he wants the Uchiha to defeat the Senju.. we don't tell Madara because business just got personal for him...

Back to the Leaf as the news of Tsunade's consciousness hits every block !!!!!

Shikamaru: look dude if you are sh*itting me I'm going ... (( being cut off))
Random leaf ninja: i sh*it you not, Lady Tsunade is conscious !!!!!
Shikamaru: well i better head over to Ichiraku's, and tell naruto he could use some good news right about now..

Two elders (with an disbelief look) Tsunades awake ?!?!
Unknown Messagers boy: that's right
Two elders: it doesn't matter we have already decided that she was not hokage anymore, and now Kakashi is hokage..
Kakashi: wait a minute we should discuss this with the others and lady Tsunade herself and, come to think of it now that i know its another person for the job my personal feelings have changed ...
Two elders: what are you suggesting, Kakashi Hatake, this makes things more complicate now..
Kakashi: I'm suggesting we should respect Lady Tsunade, and take into account my personal thoughts now ..

Shikamaru: gets to Ichiraku's)) Naruto !!!!!!!!!!
Teuchi: what ??? was Naruto supposed to be here or something ??
Shkamaru (looks around the shop) was naruto here a few minutes ago ??
Teuchi: nope not at all, the funny thing is i was expecting him too, but naruto is a no show so far today..
Shikamaru: oo boy, i knew he was up to something (running out the shop) thanks old man
Ayame: what was that all about ??
Teuchi: who knows ??? back to work..

(Naruto in a unknown location that is highly destroyed outside the village is seen laying out on the ground) with two sage clone standing on one knee each, around him
sh*it i can only control the 9 tails powers up to 3 tails, whats going on here i thought I'd be better at this by now...
(Naruto dozing off looking at the clouds an image of Sasuke faces appears) (Naruto with an serious look) humps up and goes at it again)

Naruto: ahhhhhh bring out the Foxe's chakra up too 3 tails and slowly tries to blind up to 4 tails
sage clone one :you think I'm going to loses controll again ??
sage clone two: i don't want to answer that)) (naruto is talking to himself)
Naruto: enters 4 tails mode and is able to talk, keeping some of his characteristics at the same time
Sage clone one: he did it !!!!

Naruto/4tail mode: with an darken sound in his voice YESSSSS THATS ONE MORE TAIL I HAVE CONTROL IN 5 TO GO !!!!! while in celebration Naruto loses his concentrations and the fox's charka overflows turning Naruto's 4 tails into 5 tails, than loses his control over himself again
Naruto/5 tails hagrgrgrgrghhhhh
Sage clone 1 & Sage clone 2: swiftly reacts grabbing and holding naruto from opposite sides the collision creates an massive shock wave)
Sage clone 1:(holding on to the 5 tails) not this sh*it again
Sage clone 2: haaaa we cant let it go on a ham page just keep holding on

Naruto/5 tails GRAHAHHAAAA
the earth below begins to smash apart
the sage clones with the adventage in number over comes the Kyuubi **BOOF naruto turns back to his normal self
Naruto (fails back to the ground and the clones back to one knee)
Naruto:laying on the ground in awful pain for the Kyuubi transformations, hehe this training is perfect I'm working on sage mode and controlling the fox at the same time
but i cant keep this up i have only been doing this for like 45 minutes and I'm done for
(once again looking at the clouds the image of Sasuke's face appears)
Naruto: i cant stop now ..

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  1. thats cool, but keep in mind in the last chapter Tsunade had already started war plans, Shikamaru had already told Naruto Tsunade was awake, and Kabuto had revived Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, and Itachi in an attempt to join forces with Akatsuki.

  2. NIce Job I really like your IDe3as thank you for letting me read them!!!!

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  3. that was really crappy, too short, and Jordan has some really good points.