Globe Super-Unli Unlimited Text Unlimited Call|Super150

Globe Super-Unli Unlimited Text and Unlimited Calls. That is the Globe Tattoo's promo also known as Globe-Super Unli 150. Now, you can enjoy globe unlimited call and globe unlimited text just for 5 days for only 150 pesos.
Globe Super-Unli Unlimited Text and Unlimited Calls allow you to use for Globe and TM users.

If you want to register  to Globe super-unli 150, simply text SUPER150 to 2824. After that, you will be receiving a text messages from globe saying that you are already registered to their super unli 150 promo.

How To Make Calls Using Globe Super-Unli 150?
  • Just change the 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe or TM mobile number. For example: (238917xxxxxx)
Globe Super-Unli Unlimited Text and Unlimited Call is available for Globe prepaid and globe postpaid. And this promo is applicable for the new and old globe sim card.

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