Boys Like Girls Latest Album: Love Drunk (Free Download)

Love Drunk is the second studio album of the band, Boys Like Girls. The album was recorded in two different places. Half of New York and half of Vancouver Canada because of their production team.

Their latest single entitled "Two is Better Than One" with a blend of Taylor Swift's amazing voice.

Here are the full list of their songs included on their latest album, Love Drunk.

1. Heart Heart Heartbreak
2. Love Drunk
3. She's Got a Boyfriend Now
4. Two is Better Than One (feat. Taylor Swift)
5. Contagious
6. Real Thing
7. Someone Like You
8. The Shot Heard Round The World
9. The First One
10. Chemicals Collide
11. Go

Click the link below if you want to download there album for free!

Boys Like Girls: Love Drunk

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  1. Boys Like Girls!! Fave ng mga pinsan ko. :)

  2. My 9-year old kid loves "Love Drunk"... :)

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