The Bestfriend's Burden

It takes years to build up trust, and just seconds to destroy it.

An unknown source said that. Just like love. Is this love what I am feeling? If so, then it is not that good. Why I fell in love with my Best friend?

We shared a lot of things. We did a lot of things together and laugh together. But after all those things, here I am. Just staring at her hurting inside. When I am seeing her with her suitor!

I want to tell her that I do not want to be her best friend. But I want to be her boyfriend. But I am thinking the outcome of it. Either she will
love me, or hate me forever.

But I already made a decision. I will stay to be her friend and allow myself to suffer from jealous. To feel the pain. I will Just wish to be blind than to see their hands holding each other.

I know it sounds selfish. But I am just saying what I am feeling.

Your Best Friend.=[

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  1. baby ka pa pala. in time, you will be better equipped with tools to deal with this kind of situation. Right now, either way eh learning experience muna. Right now, respecting friendly boundaries might be the right decision.

  2. Thanks for commenting Mr. Nomsense.. It makes all sense..! =]

  3. You will not be telling her? Well, its your choice.. Mr. Nonsense is right, you will be upgraded with tools that will widen your vision, will strengthen our belief and hardened your feelings.

    It's the right decision to stay within the friendship territory.. and may be there'll come this right time for you. When that time comes, grab love in the neck. Tell her. Do not be scared..

  4. Ax.. I cant tell her. We talked about it a while ago. But I did not say something.

    So I made her cry. =[

  5. sad talaga.. ang sad netong week na to!..

  6. Mr.Nonesense (not living up to his name) is making good sense mr.LLama!! you should listen to him/her, its not that you have to be numb about it, for the meantime you must, bear the burden if you must, experience sure is much greater appreciated, it might help you in d 42re, alam mo dn nmn ung sakin eh, wag kna sad,

    your not the only one..

  7. aww! salamat po sa response! Everything is getting better na.

    Sana sayo din..=]

  8. Open up your heart and tell her about your feelings!! All the moments in our life are very precious.

  9. darrel kaya mo yan... d2 naman ako eh. love you ^_^