HIKO noselifting Prices and Clinics in the Philippines

HIKO came from a korean word, HI means high and Ko means Nose. Technically, High Nose. This process will give you that high nose you are aiming and perfect for people who doesn't have nose bridges.
hiko nosejob philippines clinic and price
image credit to http://seofornoobsph.blogspot.com
With Hiko Nose Lifting, thin absorb-able threads are used to gently lift the nose to the desired level. Patients can see their nose being reshaped, before approving the result with silicone insertion. Hiko Nose lifting lets you design the shape and profile of the nose that is most suitable for you and enable you to become your most attractive self. 
Shimmian Manila Surgicenter is the featured center on Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho where I discovered this non-surgical nose-lifting process called HIKO.

The price is ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 and will be good for 1 to 2 years. Much cheaper compared to the actual nosejob or rhinoplasty.

In Singapore, there are clinics that offer free hiko operation for bloggers and in return, that blogger will be their living recruiter to their clinic for exposure and more clients. I hope there is a Doctor here in the Philippines who will also offer the same thing. I will definitely grab it!

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