Manolo Pedrosa of PBB House Cute and Hot Pictures!

Manolo Pedrosa is the trending housemate of Pinoy Big Brother All In for Day 1. According to his co-housemate. Manolo is very friendly and at the same time, talkative as well. Will he be the next PBB All In big winner?
Let us see in the next few days.

This will be an official page for Manolo Pedrosa, ang Wonder Son ng Quezon City.

Click the photos to enlarge. Credit to owner of the pics, I do not own them.

Cute and Hot Pictures of Manolo Pedrosa

image from PBB fan page

So far, these are only the pictures of Manolo on Google. Let us wait for more pics of him though. Manolo is also a part time model as he attended the CANDY CUTIES 2013. You can follow his twitter @NoloPedrosa.

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