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Today, it is essential to online entrepreneurs to advertise their products or services to a trusted website because having an online store or business is not all about building an interactive website. Yes, it is a requirement to have an amazing website for e-commerce, but it is also a must to hire some people who will advertise what you can offer to people "out there". You might have the very interactive website but, do you have your audience ~ possible long time customers.

Paying some people who will advertise your website or blog shop is not that expensive.

All you have to do is to visit blogs that is related to what you offer like for example, if your blog shop is about selling clothes and accessories, then get in touch with fashion bloggers. 

Lifestyle bloggers are the best when it comes to this advertorial/ sponsorship programs because their topic is very wide so do their audience.

In Singapore, there are lots of bloggers and most of them are lifestyle blogs that tackle almost everything! If you will take a look at their blog, you will notice that they have one or two sponsors and more than 10 advertorial posts.

You can $10 to $20 but it still depends on the structure of the program that you want them to do, if you are selling contact lens for example and you want them to write an advertorial post, then you MUST send them the best contact lens that you have so they can snap photos of them wearing it.

If you are looking for blogs who accept advertorial and sponsorship programs, you can send me an email at so I can offer you my service. This blog has more than million of pageviews.

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