Cameron Mitchell of Glee Project

I am trying to revive the SEO noob in me and decided to make some articles regarding Cameron Mitchell of Glee Project. Why? Because I am seeing a huge potential in him because he can really sing. I also predict that he can make it to the top 5 or something. After Cameron, I'll be making another articles about the contestants in Glee Project who I find interesting.
Cameron Mitchell is a 21-year old Nerd from Texas. A lot of people say that he is a guy version of Taylor Swift. He is a natural artist and have bunch of videos on Youtube! Take a look at his own rendition of Stop This Train by John Mayer.


  1. ahhhhh, i really love him as in love him even his 5 years i mean 6 years older than me,......aaahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. i love you cameron!