Swarovski Everywhere!

I have a special friend who is a big fan of Swarovski Jewelry. She is willing to do everything just to have these kind of accessory. She once said that when she died, she wants to have a coffin made by swarovski. I just laughed but I think that looks cool and classy. So I am planning to give her a Swarovski Rings on her birthday. But I am still deciding whether I give her a ring, swarovski necklaces or swarovski bracelets. But I know that is pretty expensive.

Acrylic Crystal Rings are pretty elegant for her. It will suit her smooth fingers. I will try to look on ebay if I can find an affordable one.

Aside from ebay, I know one place where can I buy cheap and affordable accessories made from swarovski. Yes! I am talking about Baguio City. This is kinda far but if this is the only way right? My cousin bought her swarovski earrings there for a very low price.

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