DeejSpeaks Explored the Template Designer

I am using blogger for like 7 months now and have not tried its new function. I am talking about the "Template Designer". I decided to try it today because I can't browse that much due to my slow internet connection. Is this the side effect of using Sun Broadband Wireless during rainy season? haha!
 The experience of using it is very convenient. You don't need to download a CSS file. All you have to do is choose a simple template design and pick any background, font color, and adjust the width of your blog. You can see the result on my other blog DeejSpeaks.

If you haven't used the template designer yet, better try it now. Do not forget to switch to the updated or new version of blogger because this function is now working for the old version of blogger.

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  1. hello! thnks sa request in advance!! :-)