Solmux Review

When I was a kid, I have always a flu and I always cough. I hate coughing because it is kind of irritating and annoying. Since I lived in the province, my grandma is always boiling a lagundi leaf so she will let me drink that to fight the cough and the mucus on my throat. Lagundi leaf is a natural medicine in the province that can heal this kind of sickness.

But when I moved here in the city, I can't afford to boil a leaf just to heal my cough. So what I did was I bought a medicine called Solmux. It is a tablet that you can take to fight the flu or the cough. I always take this medicine before I sleep so the effect of the medicine will take place overnight.

What I love with this product is it is making me more stable and when I woke up in the morning, I cough less and I always cough out the sticky mucus on my throat that is helping me to remove them ans get rid of them. Now, I always have this on my medicine kit to fight illness like this. And I can heal it without boiling a leaf.

If you have a flu or mucus on your throat, try solmux. It might help you and will make you comfortable.


  1. When I have a cough, there are only 2 brands I prefer to use: Solmux and Ascof Lagundi.

    Nice review!

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    thanks and more power!

  2. the way a fellow blogger here who's always around when ya'll asleep..=)

  3. I prefer to use naturals. I go for ASCOF Lagundi. May possible side effects kasi ang solmux.