Finalist of MYX VJ Search 2010

The search for the next MYX VJ is on and the 12 finalists are already complete. This VJ search of MYX is happening every year and they are trying to find something new that will fit the station.
The last VJs that I knew were Robi from the big brother house, Nel and so on. So here is the list of the top 12 finalist for MYX VJ search 2010.

1. Andrew "Andy" Smith
2. Angelle "Anj" Rosette Uy
3. Dane Jarlo "Dane" Hipolito
4. Maria Isabel "Issa" Perez de Tagle
5. Joshua "Josh" Katigbak
6. Juliann "Julz" Savard
7. Katrina Margaret "Kat" Espe
8. Kirsten Jane "Kirsten" Rice
9. Christine Angela "Mana" Manalaysay
10. Gabriel Marco "Marco" MaƱalac
11. Roberto Martin "Robin" Nievera
12. Jose Antonio "Ton" Vergel de Dios

The prominent finalists are the eldest son of Martin Nieverra and Pops Fernandez, Robin Nieverra, Andy Smith, Ton Vergel who looks like ont of the Jonas Brothers. This is pretty exciting right? And I cannot wait for the result. I am sure that this will be a big news soon. Watch MYX on studio 23 to know how to vote in MYX VJ search 2010.

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