Nokia N98 Review, Specs, Prize, Philippines

While searching for the upcoming mobile phone from Nokia which is the Nokia N78, I saw a leaked photo of it. Based on what I saw, it will be a slider dash qwerty phone that is like the N97. I think the Finnish company who made the N97 wants to correct their mistake by creating a better one which is the N98. As you may know, N97 was such a great disappointment to the company because of the complaints of the users.

The specs of N98 are not yet official but as I glanced on the photo, I can say that it will be a vicinity of 4 inches, a touch screen like the X6 and a 32 GB internal memory. Well, hopefully they can correct what should be corrected and N98 would be great if they will combine the form factor of N8 and N97. Just a little twist right?

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