The New Face in The Buzz is Ms. KC Concepcion

Since Ruffa Guiterrez left The Buzz last month, they need another host of their show and this Sunday will be the day that they will reveal the new face in The Buzz. I read an article about this issue and they said that the newest host of The Buzz will be KC Concepcion.

KC concepcion the buzz
KC Concepcion signed some papers for The Buzz. But another option will be Gretchen Baretto and Vice Ganda. I have watched The Buzz last Sunday and they guest Vice Ganda. Vice Ganda wants to be a host in The Buzz. I am not sure if The Buzz will get him/her. If they won't get Vice Ganda as their newest host, a lot of fans of Vice will be angry with them. I must say that The Buzz will get KC Concepcion and Vice Ganda as their newest host. You might want to read this: KC Concepcion as the newest host face in The Buzz

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